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Basketball Play - KSU UCLA POB


Michael Bowden 01/11/2013

Here is a nice set to run by Kennesaw State Men's Basketball Team that flows into their motion offense. This set combines the many options out of the 1-4 High sets (which are endless) with the continuity of the motion offense. KSU ran this very well vs. Pitt earlier in the year and got some nice buckets out of it. They have many other options out of their 1-4 High series that are not included on the video or diagram. See More

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Basketball Play - Princeton Bounce

Princeton Bounce

Randy Brown 01/19/2014

Classic back door action from the Princeton offense. Double stack set and wing pass entry. 1 clears to opposite corner and 2 fills high. 3 dribbles hard at the right elbow as 4 walks his defender to the corner. 3 picks up the ball and forward pivots away from defender. This is cue for 4 to cut back door to receive pass from 3 for a lay up. See More

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Basketball Play - 145 High X

145 High X

Kyle Gilreath 04/17/2014

The UCONN Huskies ran this pick & roll play with a slip throughout the 2014 Men's Final Four. Connecticut's guards were very patient and made sure 5 was set before exploding off the pick and attacking the defense. To see EVERY play UCONN ran in the 2014 Final Four you can do so in my eBook Championship Execution! See More

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Basketball Play - Hammer


Sebastian Wild 08/10/2014

This Hammer play has been on of the staples in our offense. It combines in Ballscreen-, Backscreen- and multiple Handoff (and back door) options, a number of actions that are very hard to defend. Especcially when they happen "in flow" and off of constant movement. It'll give all of your players touches and scoring opportunities, while playing on multiple sides of the floor. See More

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Basketball Play - Second Defender Scoring Drill

Second Defender Scoring Drill

Randy Brown 02/08/2013

This drill is a "Turnover-Killer." The drill presents a combination of 1. getting open and catching, 2. facing the basket while ripping the ball through and jab stepping, 3. Driving around defender, 4. Making decision to shoot or drive by second defender, and finishing the play with a basket. It also creates toughness and ball security. You can also add a player at the basket with a pad to creat contact on the finish. See More

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Basketball Play - Motion LoGo

Motion LoGo

Kyle Gilreath 03/05/2013

The University of Florida ran this offensive set on Saturday afternoon in their victory over the Alabama Crimson Tide. Florida is not known for having very big point guards, but coach Billy Donovan does a terrific job teaching them skills all around the basket; especially in the post. In this play he sets up an off the block pick and roll with Scottie Wilbekin and Patrick Young. Some may think this play is easy to guard but with two knock down shooters in Murphy and Rosario on the perimeter, it is very difficult to help. See More

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Basketball Play - New Jersey Nets Transition

New Jersey Nets Transition

Daniel Murphy 10/18/2013

One of my favorite transition drills. Got this from Coach Bob Hurley Sr. who I believe got it from the NJ Nets-hence the name NJ nets transition. I like to use of shot clock to keep the offense aggressive. 6-7 seconds for the first trip and add a second or two each time so when it's 5-4 there are around 12 seconds to attack. If you really need to condition a player always have them shoot the FT or start on the court as defense. Keep score however you would like. 2's and 3's or points for O and D boards. Run for 6-8 minutes or 15 if you really need to condition. See More

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Basketball Play - Horns Set - Iso Dribble Handoff - 34-5

Horns Set - Iso Dribble Handoff - 34-5

Bert DeSalvo 12/13/2012

At Clarion University WBB, we have an All-American caliber type of player, sophomore, Hannah Heeter. During her freshman year, she was the only freshman in Division I or Division II Women's Basketball to average a double-double. Considering her talents, I wanted to develop multiple quick hitters to allow Heeter to be the dynamic player/playmaker that she is. See More

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Basketball Play - Post Up: DeForest - Celtic 3

Post Up: DeForest - Celtic 3

Lee DeForest 03/03/2012

This Post Up, from Coach Lee DeForest at Basketball Coaches Club, and is a quick hitter out of the Princeton Offense. For more on the complete Princeton Offense, get Coach DeForest's e-book, 'Winning with the Princeton Offense Basketball Guide,' (created with FastDraw). Follow @coachdeforest on Twitter. See More

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