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Nate is currently a high school varsity assistant boys basketball coach at Colonel Crawford High School in North Robinson Ohio. He has coached at all levels from 7th grade to varsity boys head coach and has coached for 18 years.  


Before coming to Colonel Crawford he was the head boys coach at Bucyrus High School from  2008-2012, and assistant coach at Millbrook High School in Winchester, VA 2003 - 2008.


While spending five years at Millbrook High School, the team won the Boy's 2008 Virginia AA State Championship under coach Scott Mankins The team featured state player of the year Erick Green who went on to get drafted in the NBA by the Denver Nuggets in the 2nd round in 2013.  


Nate has also coached at Colonel Crawford High school 1999 - 2002, Old Fort High School 1998, and at Tiffin Columbian High School 1996 - 1998


Nate graduated from Heidelberg College (Tiffin, OH) in 1999. His father, John Hill, was head men's basketball coach at Heidelberg College (NCAA DIII) from 1976 - 2002 and Tiffin University (NCAA DII) from 2009-2012.  Nate is married to his wife Laura with 3 children (Brady, Greyson, and Averie).


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Basketball Play - Horns post flare

Horns post flare

null null 01/16/2015

This is a set that gets a flare screen for a post player. A nice play to run in transition or at the end of the games if you need a quick score. The play starts with a dribble handoff and ballscreen. The play ends with a flare for your shooter. See More

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Basketball Play - Triangle #2 - lag pass / pinch post

Triangle #2 - lag pass / pinch post

null null 01/08/2015

The lag pass or floor reversal option is a staple in the triangle offense. If the first post up option is not open, reverse and look for the pinch post. Coaches can get creative on the actions they want to run. Dribble handoffs, isolations, and pick and rolls all can be incorported. Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, and Carmelo Anthony all have had success in the pinch post See More

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Basketball Play - Triangle #1 - post feed

Triangle #1 - post feed

null null 01/08/2015

This triangle action post feed is a very basic play in the triangle offense. I watched this then took notes. This is the first of 4 basic plays of the offense. This play can be used on any post feed from either side. The Jordan Bulls, and Kobe / Shaq Lakers ran this very well. The 2014-15 Derek Fisher Knicks also use this post entry look. The Steve Kerr Warriors use multiple post entry looks See More

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Basketball Play - 9 man break

9 man break

null null 03/20/2014

This drill is an alternative to the 11 man break, or continuous 3 on 2 fastbreak. This is a 2 on 1 with a defender trailing at all times. This makes offense attack in a game like situation. The drill can get confusing but the more the players run it, the more they get used to it. It is good for teams that are low on numbers, and a good conditioner. See More

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Basketball Play - Marquette Shooting

Marquette Shooting

null null 03/17/2014

This is a 10 player shooting drill with 3 basketballs and 1 basket. There are 8 total spots and shoot from each spot for 1 minute, for 8 minutes total. 4 midrange spots and 4 3 point shots. This is a good shooting drill for a team with 20 players in the gym. You can add other shots such as off the dribble. See More

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Basketball Play - 4 on 4 actions (2 of 3)

4 on 4 actions (2 of 3)

null null 11/02/2013

Every coach needs to know how to defend these plays we call "america's plays" because it seems everyone runs variations of these plays. These actions include cross screens, stagger screens, and back screens. Coaches can instruct defense on how to defend these actions See More

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Basketball Play - 4 on 4 actions (1 of 3)

4 on 4 actions (1 of 3)

null null 10/31/2013

When we see scout, we try to simulate the opposing teams actions in our defensive breakdown drills. This play has backscreens, and double stagger screens.These are difficult actions to defend when ran correctly. This gives coaches a time to break down these actions in practice. See More

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Basketball Play - 3 on 3 actions (5)

3 on 3 actions (5)

null null 10/30/2013

We use these actions to prepare for teams that use 1-4 High sets. Teams in our area run "butt screens", screen the screener looks with down screens and flare screens. This is a good drill for coaches to specifiy how they want to defend these actions commonly seen in games. See More

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