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Basketball Play - 1v1 Wing Skip

1v1 Wing Skip

Randy Sherman 05/01/2017

A #FindUseCreate teaching drill for reading the closeout On the skip pass, the reciever reads ONE COUNT shot on the catch if there is space. If the closeout is long, read TWO COUNT drive. Examples of "loading the drill" are in Frames 5 & 6 For more info on FindUseCreate offense checkout these resources: Conceptual Offense - Find Use Create Find Use Create Drills (Vol. 1) Find Use Create Combo Pack - Concepts + Drills Learn more and support what we do for basketball coaches... See More

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Basketball Play - "TAKE" Concept

"TAKE" Concept

Randy Sherman 04/24/2017

The TAKE Concept is common in International basketball. In essesence the player passing to the big man (1 as shown) is "giving to get." He/she is passing then using acceleration to "take" the ball back from 5. The acceleration can lead to a small advantage. 5 may make one dribble, but often they step to the catch and simply "plate" the ball by holding it out to side with palm up. 1 and 5 read whether X1 trails or goes under as the ball is being taken. If the defense goes under and there is no small advantage for 1, 5 twists into a ball screen. As shown this serves as a bit of false motion into Spread Ball Screen offense. See More

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Basketball Play - The Three Amigos

The Three Amigos

Randy Sherman 04/18/2017

"The Three Amigos" The three players outside the ball screen have the options of: Cutting - maybe simply and interchange to move defenders Screening - down or flare screen to move defenders and give an advantage to an off-ball player Spacing - simply remained spaced and read the help Credit to John Groce, Akron University for the Three Amigos Concept See More

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