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Basketball Play - 3-on-3 Flow - Competitive Conditioning

3-on-3 Flow - Competitive Conditioning

Joel Hueser 06/16/2018

3-on-3 Flow (aka Flow Ball) is another one of our team favorites. Credit goes to @John_Leonzo for this fastbreak conditioner. We love it for a variety of reasons, but mostly for its emphasis on defensive transition and uptempo offense. We have adapted the following scoring rules: 1) Play to 15 using 2's and 3's. 2) Player who scores game winner must validate with a made freet hrow. 3) Should the player miss, team score returns to 11 and play resumes. See More

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Basketball Play - 11 Man Fast Break Drill

11 Man Fast Break Drill

Michael Lynch 06/24/2018

The 11 Man Fastbreak is one of our players' favorite drills. It is essentially a continous 3 on 2 transition drill that we use to emphasize pitch aheads and "Finding Advantages." This is generally a drill where I try not to blow the whistle much, but I will blow the whistle if we are straying from our transtion principles. I generally choose to emphasize 1) Running the Sideline Hard, 2) Hunting Pitch Ahead Passes, 3) Keeping Advantages Alive, and 4) Attacking the Rim. Check out more from Coach Lynch and his Seamless Offensive appraoch on theFMS Blog: Program Spotlight - Leicester Wolverines See More

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Basketball Play - KU Shooting

KU Shooting

Rory Hamilton 06/20/2018

KU Shooting Drill Set-up: 3 players at each goal with two basketballs. First player receives a pass and shoots a three point shot. The passer closes out and "lightly" contests the shot with a high hand. The passer then turns around and receives the next pass while the 3 closes out and lightly contests the shot. 1 gets rebound and is the next passer and the drill continues. After the last shot from the corner, the players then move to the wing area and repeat the drill. Drill repeats at all 5 cones on the perimeter until all players have shot from all five spots. Once players have shot 3pt shots at all five spots we then go back around and perform the following: A. Shot fake 1 Dribble Right Jump Shot B. Shot fake 1 Dribble Left Jump Shot C. Shot fake, Lay-up Right D. Shot fake, Lay-up Left See More

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Basketball Play - Diamond Drill - Beat the Press

Diamond Drill - Beat the Press

Rory Hamilton 06/19/2018

Diamond Drill to Beat the Press: Players will perform live ball moves at each cone followed by a finishing move. Once a lay-up has been made, the players then complete a "beat the press move" to 1/2 court. Players alternate going right and left at the first cone. Beat the Press: Once a player has completed their lay-up our players then complete a "beat the press" move. We teach our players the following "beat the press moves" A. Go Hard--Stop Change B. Glide-Glide Explode C. Go Hard, Rocker Change See More

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