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Basketball Play - YSU vs UWGB 3-2 Zone D

YSU vs UWGB 3-2 Zone D

Kevin Bruinsma 02/14/2015

The turning point of our game on Wednesday Vs. Green Bay was when Green Bay went to their 3-2 zone defense. This is their defense they go to when they need to change momentum or they are on the ropes. Unfortunately for us down the stretch it did just that and they were able to come back and win the game. They attempted to go to it earlier in the second half and we had a set play ready for it. We executed it really well and got an open 3-pointer for our best shooter. Because of our preparation and execution we were able to pull them out of the 3-2 early in the second half. The play design gave our PG a screen forcing the corner guy of the zone to rotate up and play the ball. That then forced Green Bay's center to sprint out to the corner to guard our best shooter. We created a mis-match. See More

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Basketball Play - 54 Gap Double

54 Gap Double

Kyle Gilreath 02/12/2015

The UCONN Huskies ran this play in the 2014 National Championship game. As 1 came off the initial pick, X2 picked him forcing the pass to 2. Immediately 4 picks X2 and attacks X4 for a simple 2-man game on the wing. With 5 rolling after the initial pick X5 should be somewhat occupied in the event 2 turns the corner and attacks. To see EVERY play UCONN ran in the 2014 Final Four you can do so in my eBook Championship Execution! See More

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Basketball Play - 5-Out Zone Continuity Offense ("cutters")

5-Out Zone Continuity Offense ("cutters")

Randy Sherman 02/12/2015

This is a simple five-out zone continutiy offense vs. 2-3 zone. It is designed to involve all players in short corner, high post. Good for a team with interchangable parts. Rules: After you pass from point to wing you flare away When the ball is passed from point to wing the player in the opposite corner flashes If the ball is on the wing, the weakside wing cuts to short corner and holds there so long as the ball remains on the wing. When the ball is at the point, the team is five-out Action repeats with every ball reversal! See More

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Basketball Play - IOWA STATE 2-3 ZONE BLOB


Jens Hakanowitz 01/25/2015

The Cyclones run this BLOB play vs 2-3 zone defenses. A typical overload play to get the ball inside. As you can see in frame 2, X5 is forced to step up to the high post to guard the ball. X4 is left on his own guarding two players (5 & 2) at the same time. One of them will be open to recieve a pass. See More

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Basketball Play - DAVIDSON 1-4


Jens Hakanowitz 01/24/2015

The Davidson Wildcats use this BLOB play against 2-3 zone defenses. The entire outcome is based on a misdirection action. The two bigs set screens to get the shooter (inbounder) open. Then the action on the other side of the court occurs. A ball screen and baseline screen to either get a shot from the short corner or a seal inside. See More

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