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Basketball Play - Star Passing Drill

Star Passing Drill

Alan Peel 08/16/2013

This drill can be done as a pre-practice drill or as a pre-game warm-up. You will need at least seven players to execute the drill properly. For more, check out my website, sign up for a membership and get your first 30 days free. See More

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Basketball Play - Side Ball Screen Shooting Drill

Side Ball Screen Shooting Drill

Zachary Weir 05/12/2022

Great ball screen shooting drill utilizing a shooting machine. Several different variations of shots, passes, and moves can be used to get great reps using a side ball screen. Add time and score for a competitive, conditioning aspect to this drill. A defender can also be added on the ball handler, screener or both to add a decision making element to this drill. Some examples of progressions/skills to rep: - hook pass - pocket pass - reverse pivot and pass and more - ball handler can use a live dribble or a move out of his/her pivot Defender/Decion making progression : - both defeners trap - ballhandlers defener goes under - Hard Hedge by the screeners defender See More

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