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Basketball Play - Arizona 1-4 High Clear Lob

Arizona 1-4 High Clear Lob

Wes Kosel 04/07/2015

Here is a 1-4 high play that Arizona liked to use early in the games this season. The play creates an overload on the left side of the floor to open up a quick lob for the point guard. If the lob isn't open, multiple ball-screens and hand-offs are executed to create scoring options. Arizona used this play a lot towards the end of the season, especially in the Pac-12 and NCAA Tournaments. See More

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Basketball Play - Duke ATO Chin Curl

Duke ATO Chin Curl

Gibson Pyper 04/07/2015

Duke ran a very nice curl set out of a timeout to get Tyus Jones an easy layup. A counter out of their normal set, instead of running backscreen into a ballscreen, they bring the guard around a curl and lift the big to the 3 point line opening up the lane. See More

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Basketball Play - Duke BLOB PTP Triangle

Duke BLOB PTP Triangle

Wes Kosel 04/02/2015

This play was used by Duke with 15:31 left in the 2nd half against Gonzaga when Duke was down by 2 points. The play uses a pick-the-picker action to get Winslow the ball on the wing for an open shot. In the game, Winslow made a good shot fake and drove to the basket for a lay-up. The most important part of this play was a good screen set by Winslow forcing his man to help on the initial cut. Once he pops to the wing, Winslow's defender is stuck on the other side of Plumlee. See More

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Basketball Play - Duke Motion Dive

Duke Motion Dive

Wes Kosel 04/02/2015

Against the San Diego State Aztecs in the Round of 32, Duke used this motion action play to get the ball to Okafor posting up on the left block. With all of the attention on Okafor, Winslow dives down the lane and gets an easy dunk off of a pass from Okafor. Duke did a great job in this game getting SDSU to chase them around the floor. See More

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