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Basketball Play - Butler Point Flare

Butler Point Flare

Wes Kosel 10/13/2015

1 dribbles right as 4 flashes to the high post and 3 cuts to the corner off of a screen from 5. Once 4 has the ball, 3 sets a flare-screen for 1. If 1 doesn't have a shot, he looks to drive baseline. 5 takes his man under the basket and posts up. 3 replaces 1 for a pitch back if needed. See More

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Basketball Play - Valpo Basic

Valpo Basic

Wes Kosel 10/07/2015

1 passes to 5 flashing high then cuts to the opposite corner. Once 5 has the ball, he gives to 3 on a dribble hand-off then pops to the short corner. ON the right side. 2 cuts up then loops back down to set a down-screen for 1. 3 passes to 4 who passes to 1 for a shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Towson 1-4 High #2

Towson 1-4 High #2

Wes Kosel 10/05/2015

1 passes to 2 then screens for 5 along with 4 at the free-throw line. 5 curls around the screen and 1 pops back out to the top of the key. If 5 isn't open, the ball is reversed to 3 and 2 cuts across the baseline off of a staggered screen from 5 and 4. See More

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