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Basketball Play - Terp Utah

Terp Utah

Timothy Hipps 01/23/2016

A 4 High set the Maryland Terrapins are running inspired by the old Jerry Sloan UCLA series of sets. Also ran in recent years by the Indiana Pacers, this set has plenty of options throught the progression, gets lay up, mid range and, 3 pointer looks. See More

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Basketball Play - Horns Flex Double

Horns Flex Double

Timothy Hipps 01/23/2016

This is the very common horns flex action that most teams run. Romelo Trimble runs through the two high post bigs and for the flex cut and returns to the top for a dribble handoff. The flex cutter then uses and staggered screen on a zipper cut to catch and shoot. See More

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Basketball Play - 7-Cut Drill Series

7-Cut Drill Series

Randy Sherman 01/22/2016

Drill progression for teach the 7-Cut or slip of the second screener in stagger. Drills progress to incorportate blast cut & back screen to reverse action. Use these drills as diagrammed to introduce the concepts then advance to 2-on-2 and 3-on-3 to emphasize the recognition of the defense. For more on the teaching and implementation of Motion Offense.... See More

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