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Basketball Play - Laker Wall Options

Laker Wall Options

Wes Kosel 07/20/2015

1 dribbles to the left side giving the ball to 2 on a dribble hand-off. 4 and 5 move to the right elbow and set up a wall with a double-screen. 2 looks to pass to 3 cutting off of the double-screen for a shot. In the second option, 1 passes to 2 off of a zipper cut to start the play. 2 quickly passes off to 4 while 1, 5, and 3 form a wall. At the same time, 3 cuts up for a shot and 1 cuts to the basket. If neither option is there, 2 loops back around 4 for a hand-off while 1 cuts off of a staggered down-screen from 5 and 3. In option 3, 2 screens for 4 instead of cutting to the corner (off of option 2). 4 looks to drive to the basket as 1 cuts to the rim. Option 4: 2 cuts around 4 to the corner and 5 now sets the ball-screen for 4 sprinting out of the wall. See More

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Basketball Play - 1-4 Set- Screen the Screener

1-4 Set- Screen the Screener

Andrew Lacey 07/10/2015

As we keep trying to improve our offensive efficiency, more and more teams are moving towards using ball screens to create scoring opportunities. At Varina we use various alignments to put the defense in a situation to limit what they can do help-side wise to defend our quick game. This is a action we use out of our 1-4 set in late game situations to get a quick shot. See More

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