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Basketball Play - Kentucky - Iverson Chase

Kentucky - Iverson Chase

Doug Brotherton 03/26/2017

Kentucky ran this set in their Elite 8 match-up with North Carolina. The set is well designed, as it creates an advantage in the wing pick and roll. The 4 fills to the top, in the case that the opponent tries to ice or trap the ball screen. A quick pass to 4, allows for the lob to 5. If they do not do those things, then 2 should turn the corner, looking to make a play. See More

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Basketball Play - UNC Tar Heels Secondary Break (Base Action)

UNC Tar Heels Secondary Break (Base Action)

Randy Sherman 03/13/2017

This is the base action of the UNC Tar Heels Secondary Break. It begins with a rebound and wide outlet pass. Post makes hard RIM RUN! On ball reversal through the trailer, the wing goes over the block to backscreen for trailer. If ball is not in the the air for lob, cross screen and look to enter to 5 or run your termination offense. The video shows some counters for the break and a step out three by the back-screener! For more one UNC Secondary Break click here. See More

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Basketball Play - LA Clippers - Weak Step Up

LA Clippers - Weak Step Up

Matt Wheeler 12/26/2016

The LA Clippers opened their Christmas Day game against the LA Lakers with a lob dunk out of this play. 1 passes the ball to the wing and then receives it back on the weak side after a ball reversal. 4 & 5 follow with screens on the ball. 1 uses the screen from 5 and throws it to the rim for a lob. 4 pops to the wing for a secondary option. See More

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Basketball Play - Dallas Mavericks - "Dallas Action"

Dallas Mavericks - "Dallas Action"

Greg Youncofski 04/26/2016

This set provides that opportunity because as 1 is catching the ball, the 5 man is setting a ballscreen immediately on X1, giving 1 a chance to attack in a straight line drive right off the catch. Also, this can be an effective play against a team that will blitz/hard hedge the side ballscreen, as 2 can hit 1 quickly off the screen and 1 will have plenty of time to throw the lob to 4 rolling to the basket before the defense recovers. See More

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Basketball Play - SFA 1-4 Clear Backscreen

SFA 1-4 Clear Backscreen

Adam Spinella 04/13/2016

Stephen F. Austin and coach Brad Underwood were very aware of who they were -- they had a great lead guard in Thomas Walkup. By putting the ball in his hands and making a 1-4 high set look like a clearout for him to go to his strong hand, defenses were sucked into reading the action for him. Instead of running a set to clear out on his side, Underwood ran lots of traffic through the lane, getting all four help defenders to stand in the lane at one point. When the chaos cleared, what was left was an empty weak side, a perfect opportunity for a lob at the rim. By using their best shooter as the screener, there was no opportunity for the play to be foiled. See More

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Basketball Play - Indiana - Yogi Attack

Indiana - Yogi Attack

Jens Hakanowitz 04/07/2016

The Indiana Hoosiers used this play during the 2016 NCAA Tournament. The setup and decoy actions at the beginning gave the defense enough distractions to cover, which made it easy for Kevin "Yogi" Ferrell to attack over a stagger ball screen, with both bigs seperating out of it. Multiple options can show up after. A clear path drive for the point guard, a kick back to the 4 for a possible shot or high low, a dish or lob to the 5 rolling to the rim. See More

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