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About This Play/Drill

This quick, early offense that you can run as a half-court set or within your secondary break. If your pg is a good athlete, you can take advantage of the lob to the rim. 5 needs to set a solid backscreen to make his defender help, which should make him late to help on the ball screen. 2 needs to be aggressive and look to attack X5 off the ball screen. If 2 can't get to the rim or have an open shot, penetrating and kicking to 1 in the corner is a likely possibility.

  • Basketball Play - Up
  • Basketball Play - Up
  • Basketball Play - Up
  • 2 cuts to get open

    1 passes to 2

    3 cuts to opposite corner

  • 5 sprints to backscreen 1

    1 cuts to rim looking for lob from 2

    If 1 isn't open, he spaces to corner

  • After backscreening, 5 ballscreens for 2

    5 then rolls to the rim

    3 fills high to the wing

    4 spaces to corner

    2 looks to attack off ballscreen