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Basketball Play - Box Double

Box Double

Bert DeSalvo 01/18/2013

This box set was run by Iowa State against Kansas (1-9-13) at the 15:20 minute mark of the first half. It is a simple box set, with a double screen. This can be used effectively when using it after previous box sets have been executed in BLOB situations. See More

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Basketball Play - Terry Stotts' Need 3

Terry Stotts' Need 3

Mark Travis 01/12/2013

Down three with a minute to go with the defending champion Miami Heat in his building, Portland Trail Blazers head coach Terry Stotts designed a brilliant play to get his team a wide open look at a game-tying three. Thanks to his beautifiul design and his players' flawless execution, the Blazers were able to tie the game on that possession and ended up securing a signature win over LeBron and company as a result. Keep an eye on Stotts, by the way, because his team is 5-0 in overtime this season and he has run some very nice stuff. See More

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Basketball Play - Full Court Inbounds Play, Dead Ball

Full Court Inbounds Play, Dead Ball

Randy Brown 01/04/2013

This play features a sure-fire way to get the ball to your best free throw shooter when handling full court pressure on a dead ball situation. 4 and 5 cut hard and call for the ball as decoys. 3 steps to the ball to set up his cut down the floor, using back screen by 1. On 3's cut deep, 1 cut to get open and catch the inbounds pass from 2. The ultimate goal is to get the ball to 1 so he can get fouled, but many times 3 is wide open sprinting down the floor for a sure lay up. See More

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