Kansas Flex 1-4 Low - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

Kansas coach Bill Self runs a Flex action out of 1-4 low formation when the ball is under their own bucket. Help defense on the first Flex screen is rarely in good position when the ball is inbounded underneath, and the man guarding the inbounder can get too attached to the inbounder. It's a great way to get into Flex, especially with other inbound plays out of a 1-4 low package

  • Basketball Play - Kansas Flex 1-4 Low
  • Basketball Play - Kansas Flex 1-4 Low
  • 1 lobs the entry to 4 at the elbow; 5 pops up to get the half reversal from 4
  • The inbounder 1 steps in and sets a flex screen for 2 from the corner. 2 comes off the flex. 4 then sets a down screen for 1 in the screen-the-screener action. This can also be a continuous set, where 2 would set the next flex screen for 3.