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Basketball Play - Zone Inbounds- Low Stack

Zone Inbounds- Low Stack

Daniel Murphy 04/20/2013

We have run this play with great success at the freshmen, junior varsity, and u15 aau level. It is a very simple, yet effective baseline inbounds play against a 2-3 zone. Make sure 1 is your best shooter so if the defense stays home, you have a wide open look at a 3, or to drag the defense to the corner to open up the screening action inside. See More

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Basketball Play - Up


Luke Riegel 04/16/2013

This quick, early offense that you can run as a half-court set or within your secondary break. If your pg is a good athlete, you can take advantage of the lob to the rim. 5 needs to set a solid backscreen to make his defender help, which should make him late to help on the ball screen. 2 needs to be aggressive and look to attack X5 off the ball screen. If 2 can't get to the rim or have an open shot, penetrating and kicking to 1 in the corner is a likely possibility. See More

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Basketball Play - Fist


John Leonzo 04/12/2013

This play was shared with me by a local high school coach. This play gives you multiple scoring options going towards the basket for high percentage shots. With proper practice and execution, this play can be a winner for you! See More

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Basketball Play - "5"


Dana Beszczynski 04/07/2013

Andy Endfield has a lot of coaching influences, one of them being Rick Pitino and not only does he do a good job with their match-up zone and changing defensive looks, but also on the offense end being able to open the floor and use spacing properly to get players good looks to score. Here is a good high PNR action looking to hit the post man rolling in the lane See More

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Basketball Play - Box Special

Box Special

Kyle Gilreath 03/21/2013

Last night in their game versus the Brooklyn Nets, the Dallas Mavericks ran this baseline out of bounds their play during the 2nd Half. This is a great screen the screener set that my high school team ran this year; but we never added the second screen. See More

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Basketball Play - X Corner

X Corner

Kyle Brown 03/18/2013

A great blob action against a zone. Timing is really important and the read for the inbounder should be X4 in the diagrams. If X4 goes with the 2 then 5 will be open, if X4 stays in then 2 should be open. 5 has to work to Post hard on X5 and keep him occupied. See More

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Basketball Play - SFA Jacks

SFA Jacks

Dana Beszczynski 03/15/2013

Stephen F. Austin Head Coach Danny Kaspar is known as one of the best defensive teachers in the country, but this opening set run against Sam Houston State takes advantage of good spacing, excellent player movement, and has multiple options to get off a good shot SFA is 25-3 this season and 15-2 in Conference, an exciting team to watch who already has a win over Oklahoma to its credit See More

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