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Basketball Play - Princeton Offense - Multi-Option Set: "Hawk"

Princeton Offense - Multi-Option Set: "Hawk"

Matt Hackenberg 12/12/2021

This is a long form play with multiple options from a Princeton alignment and a floppy action to feature a dynamic player. If the player can drive, shoot, post up, finish off the cuts or use a ball screen there are options to do so. We used the play to feature a shooter, but a post up player or a driver could also be used, just different options would need to be emphasized. Browse more coaching content available on the Sellfy store: Follow me on Twitter - @CoachHackGO See More

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Basketball Play - Turkey - PNR Twist

Turkey - PNR Twist

Matt Wheeler 09/10/2019

The Turkish National team ran this play late in the 4th quarter to get an open look at a three-point shot for their point guard. 1 dribbles to the right off the initial ball screen from 4. As 4 pops to the opposite wing, 5 follows for a second ball screen to get 1 open for the shot. See video clip below. Alternate Ending Option: PNR Twist Floppy See More

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Basketball Play - Oklahoma City Thunder "RWB Backdoor"

Oklahoma City Thunder "RWB Backdoor"

Gibson Pyper 05/16/2016

The Oklahoma City Thunder run a great backdoor set for Russell Westbrook with Kevin Durant passing. After intial action similar to floppy, Durant comes off a pindown into a dribble hand off. After the hand off he hesitates looks at Westbrook who then plants and goes backdoor. Look for the Thunder to unleash this set in the conference finals, typically after a time out. See More

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Basketball Play - 5 game like 3-point shots

5 game like 3-point shots

Marc Skelton 10/26/2015

A competitive shooting drill that allows shooters to compete against each other and to work on FIVE game like 3-point shots: 1) catch and shoot, 2)show-n-go, 3 )transition, 4) floppy, and 5) L-cut movements. Drill emphasizes being "shot ready" and proper footwork (the hop vs. 1-2 step). It is essential to track shooters. Bonus: if a shooter goes 5 for 5 he can go again immediately. See More

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Basketball Play - Golden State Warrios "ATO Rip"

Golden State Warrios "ATO Rip"

Gibson Pyper 04/23/2015

Steve Kerr has been an incredible leader and his After Time Out plays this year have been outstanding. Against the Pelicans, in both game 1 & game 2 he ran an After Time Out set to get Draymond Green a quick layup. This year, the Warriors have ran more floppy action with Klay & Steph cutting off screens and Iguadola handling the ball. So, off this action Kerr has Klay cut to the wing, with the two bigs staying high as Iguadola passes it to Klay. Steph then turns and sets a "Rip" screen (backscreen on Draymond's defender) to have Draymond cut to the rim for a layup. See More

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