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Basketball Play - Zipper Triple Flare

Zipper Triple Flare

Adam Spinella 07/16/2013

This year the Washington Wizards didn't have a successful win-loss percentage, but when their best lineup was in healthy, their offense was very potent. Coach Randy Wittman used the "Zipper Triple Flare" as an action to free up his shooters on the perimeter and give John Wall the ability to read the play both with and without the ball. See More

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Basketball Play - Brooklyn Slob

Brooklyn Slob

Daniel Murphy 05/06/2013

Brooklyn ran this SLOB in game three against Chicago. 1 passes the ball inbounds and comes off 4's screen. 1 does not stop and continues to the opposite side of the court. 1 could have paused under the rim and used 4 and 2 and 5 as a single-double, or floppy. See More

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Basketball Play - BLOB - Low Double Stack with Single Screen

BLOB - Low Double Stack with Single Screen

Basketball HQ 10/14/2012

Sometimes the best way to get open is to set a good screen. For this basketball play you are going to set your best shooter up like he is going to set a screen and then when his defender gets ready to help on the screen run him off the single on the other side. Mix up the ways that you get your best player touches the basketball, don’t be predictable. Read the defender and to get a shot but don’t over force the shot. This play is from the 2005-2006 Duke season. See More

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Basketball Play - Princeton Offense - Multi-Option Set: "Hawk"

Princeton Offense - Multi-Option Set: "Hawk"

Matt Hackenberg 12/12/2021

This is a long form play with multiple options from a Princeton alignment and a floppy action to feature a dynamic player. If the player can drive, shoot, post up, finish off the cuts or use a ball screen there are options to do so. We used the play to feature a shooter, but a post up player or a driver could also be used, just different options would need to be emphasized. Browse more coaching content available on the Sellfy store: Follow me on Twitter - @CoachHackGO See More

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Basketball Play - Turkey - PNR Twist

Turkey - PNR Twist

Matt Wheeler 09/10/2019

The Turkish National team ran this play late in the 4th quarter to get an open look at a three-point shot for their point guard. 1 dribbles to the right off the initial ball screen from 4. As 4 pops to the opposite wing, 5 follows for a second ball screen to get 1 open for the shot. See video clip below. Alternate Ending Option: PNR Twist Floppy See More

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