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Basketball Play - High Stacks

High Stacks

Randy Brown 01/21/2014

This play starts in high stacks and is initiated by 1 dribbling to right wing. 2-4 back screen with 2 catching on top. Weak side down 5-3 down screen to free 3. On 3's catch 4 cuts to high post and 5 seals defender in paint. An open shot for 4 is created or a post seal by 5. See More

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Basketball Play - 14 High Low

14 High Low

Randy Brown 01/20/2014

Starts in 1-4 high set with entry pass to 4. 1 accepts flare screen from 5 to catch on left wing. 5 dives to basket after screening and 3 clears to right corner. On 4-1 pass, 5 back screens for 2 and receives down screen from 4. 5 looks for open jump shot or high low pass to 4 stepping into the paint. See More

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Basketball Play - UCLA Back Screen / Stagger Action

UCLA Back Screen / Stagger Action

Dana Beszczynski 12/03/2013

This is the opening play run by the UCLA Bruins in their match-up against Nevada the ther night. Steve Alford is in his first season at the head of the storied UCLA program. Alford left New Mexico where he built a winning program and made the Lobos a yearly team for discussion come NCAA Tourmament time. This play is a well designed action run out of Transition as the flashing post takes away thte weak side help on the backdoor action which opens the play. The stagger screen is set-up by the down screen at the elbow for the PG. With a good screening action, the Bruins were able to get an open look at the three right at the outset of the game. See More

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Basketball Play - Miami Box Lob

Miami Box Lob

Al Baker 08/28/2013

The Miami Heat ran this play in the 2012 playoffs to get a lob for Dwyane Wade. The lob action has also been successful for us, but once teams have the play scouted, we've been able to take advantage by inbounding to the screener and setting up a handoff or a down screen option. It is critical that 3 sells the initial zipper cut, as most teams will deny this pass and this will force the defender into a position where he's easier to screen coming back to the basket. See More

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Basketball Play - Miami Stagger Pop

Miami Stagger Pop

Kevin Bruinsma 07/17/2013

Starting in a horns set the Miami Heat curl their stretch 4 man off a double screen. The 5 then sets a down screen for the point #30 Norris Cole who runs off it looking for a shot. #1 Chris Bosh holds his screen until the point is thru and then dives to the rim. See More

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Basketball Play - Spurs Chest Triple

Spurs Chest Triple

Daniel Murphy 06/26/2013

The Spurs ran this set at the 7:23 mark of Q4 in their game 5 win over the Heat. This play starts off similarly to Tom Izzo's "Chest" play. Duncan cuts to the top of the key to give a 2-3 look at the start of the play. MSU will have the wings down screen the guards. Here the Spurs had Green set the first of 3 screens for Parker. When Parker catches the ball on the curl, Duncan turns to set a ball screen but Parker catches and drives for the floater. See More

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Basketball Play - Pacer Misdirection

Pacer Misdirection

Kevin Bruinsma 06/18/2013

The Indiana Pacers ran this set a few times in the ECF against the Miami Heat. They utilized mis-direction against an aggressive Heat defense to keep Miami on their toes. Following the UCLA screen and flex screen the 1 man then turns right back around to get the 3, letting #24 Paul George run off a stagger screen. This brought the 1 off a down screen and gave him the ball back in a better scoring area for him to create. See More

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Basketball Play - UCLA-Flex


Daniel Murphy 04/17/2013

The Los Angeles Clippers ran this in the second half vs. the Los Angeles Lakers in the Clippers 109-95 win on 4/7/12. It provides a post up for a 4 man coming off a flex screen from a 1, and a mid range jump shot for the 1, coming off a down screen from a 2. It is a counter to a stagger screen which the Clippers also used. See More

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Basketball Play - Dive Decoy

Dive Decoy

Randy Brown 03/24/2013

This is a quick hitting play that uses 4 as a decoy. 1 passes to 2 and hold his spot. 4 dives to right block demanding the ball. 5 cuts off 4's tail to set quick down screen for 3. Look for 3 to be open for a split second in the middle of the lane. Give it a try! See More

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