BLOB - "Silver" - FastModel Sports

Published 03/27/2015 by Luke Riegel Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

This is a quick screen-the-screen action designed to get you best shooter (2) an open shot on the perimeter. The 5 will UCLA screen for the 4; the 4 needs to read the screen; could have an opportunity to tight curl and get all the way to the rim. If 4 isn't open, he needs to space to the 3-point line and the 2 diagonal screens for 5 to the weak side of the rim, while the 4 finishes with a downscreen for the 2. The early UCLA screen by the 5 man to get the 4 man open, can be a mis-direction screen because you are trying to get a shot for your 2 man.

  • Basketball Play - BLOB - "Silver"
  • Basketball Play - BLOB - "Silver"
  • 5 up screens for 4

    4 sprints to the corner or can tight curl to rim

    2 diagonal screens for 5

  • 4 screens for 2

    4 looks to screen and slip

    3 is safety