Arizona 1-3-1 Zone Attack - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

Arizona ran this set with minutes remaining in the first half of the sweet sixteen against Xavier. Xavier played 1-3-1 half court zone for the better part of the 1st half. A very effective zone play-they look to duck-in or seal the bottom of the zone, while screening the back-side of the zone for a shooter. Later in the game, Arizona started setting a flat screen instead of a regular high ball screen. 

  • Basketball Play - Arizona 1-3-1 Zone Attack
  • Basketball Play - Arizona 1-3-1 Zone Attack
  • In Arizona's 1-3-1 offensive attack, 4 looks to high ball screen the top of the 1-3-1... As 1 comes across, 5 ducks-in.

  • As X1 fights over (or under) high ball screen, 4 immediately continues his route to screen the back side of the zone-getting 2 open.