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Basketball Play - 3FTC Paint Game

3FTC Paint Game

Greg White 09/06/2012

This plan comes for follower Coach Dan Carey from Hamilton High School in Sussex, Wisconsin. Offense's goal is to simply dribble the ball into the paint -- no shots, just get into the paint safely with both feet and under control with the ball. This game really helps with a "no help needed" mentality guarding the ball -- something we say all the time to our players. We want them in "one-on-one mentality" when guarding the ball. But when focusing on help, and getting into gaps, this is a great drill to build the habit of being there early with your FEET on helpside, and not reaching. Put in a "shot clock" of 15-20 seconds that the offense has to try to get into the paint *Offense not allowed to play "butt ball" and just catch it, back your man down and get into the paint -- has to be on a direct drive *Great drill to build toughness in your team. Also a great drill for taking charges See More

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Basketball Play - Pick and Pick Offense

Pick and Pick Offense

Greg White 09/06/2012

The Pick and Pick Offense is a creation of adding ball screens and additional screens while using the layers established by the Read and React Offense. It is an offensive system I feel can be used as a continuity or a set play. Learn more about it at See More

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Basketball Play - 3FTC Chaos Offense Drill

3FTC Chaos Offense Drill

Greg White 09/17/2012

This drill will help instill Communication with your Offensive players. Get two groups of 5 on the same end and run your motion offense. Each group has a ball. You can't pass back to the player who passes to you. Do Not Allow a Shot.You can make it a competition to (1) first to 20 passes or (2) a set time. This drill forces your players to communicate while working on your offensive system. See More

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Basketball Play - 3FTC Close-Out 3on2, 2on1

3FTC Close-Out 3on2, 2on1

Greg White 09/28/2012

This is a great drill to instill in your players how and when transition offense begins: with a rebound. The drill starts with 2 offense players and 3 defenders. The Coach passes to an offensive player who either (1) shoots a 3 or (2) shot fake and drive. Multiple things can be worked on just at this point. Shooting under pressure, close out, help on basket drive and offensive players attacking off dribble. Once the defense is in control of the ball, the drill is 3 on 2 to the other end. Whichever player shoots the basketball comes back as the defender in a 2 on 1 scenario. The two remaining players "trail" the play and become the two offensive players with the next group. See More

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