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Basketball Play - France (W) - AI Double Spain

France (W) - AI Double Spain

Anonymous 06/26/2017

France ran this "Spain" pick & roll action against Spain in the Finals of the FIBA EuroBasket Women 2017. 2 makes an Iverson cut to the right wing then pass back to 1. 4 & 5 set a double ball-screen for 1. As 1 comes off of the ball-screen from 4, 2 sets a back-screen for 4. 4 cuts to the basket and 2 pops out after screen. See More

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Basketball Play - Zone Sets: Fire

Zone Sets: Fire

Anonymous 06/19/2017

"Fire" is a zone set, which was effective against my team this summer. That is one of the best ways to find quality set plays. "If it works against us, it will work for us." Fire uses a misdirection back screen, with a screen-the-screener action. See More

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Basketball Play - Hungary (W) - Chin

Hungary (W) - Chin

Anonymous 06/19/2017

"Chin" action from Hungary ran at FIBA EuroBasket Women 2017. Initial look is for 5 to hit 1 for a lob off of the back-screen ("Chin") action. If the lob is denied, 1 & 3 cross underneath and 1 exits to the wing off of 5's down-screen for a catch from 4. As 1 catches the ball, 3 sets a weak-side flare screen for 4. 4 flares away to wing looking for a shot. If the flare is denied, 3 pops out to top for a catch from 1. 5 runs into a middle ball-screen for 2. 1, 2 & 4 space out to give a spread look. See More

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Basketball Play - SLOB Plays: Shuffle Option

SLOB Plays: Shuffle Option

Anonymous 06/11/2017

This set is an example of teaching multiple options, out of one SLOB set. The Houston Rockets do this better than any team in the NBA, and it allows them to adjust to whatever adjustments are made by the defense. I have designed the weak side action in this set to remain the same, regardless of the ball side action. This is to simplify the read for the player with the ball. After the shuffle cut, there are three options, which are triggered by the 4-man. The first option is to pass to the wing, and chase into a ballscreen. The second option is a dribble hand off with the wing. The final option is to pass to the wing, and cut to the block. See More

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