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Basketball Play - Orlando Magic - 2 Loop SLOB

Orlando Magic - 2 Loop SLOB

Matt Barnthouse 10/23/2018

The NBA is back, and the Orlando Magic offense looks improved. That's right, this is just one of the many plays the Magic ran in their 93-90 road victory over the Boston Celtics on October 22. The play utilizes the size of the Magic by having three players in screen situations. This particular SLOB gave Evan Fournier an uncontested dunk. They don't get more high percentage than that, folks. See More

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Basketball Play - Finland - Diamond 2

Finland - Diamond 2

Ryan Nguyen 09/18/2018

This is one of the many "Diamond" sets from Henrik Dettmann of the Finnish National Team. 2, a shooter, sets the back screen for 4. As x2 helps on the back screen, 5 dribbles out of the post into a handoff for 2. Because x2 bumps 4 on his cut, he is trailing behind 2 out of position to contest. See More

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Basketball Play - Croatia - Horns Double Rip

Croatia - Horns Double Rip

Ryan Nguyen 09/15/2018

This is another Horns set that Croatia ran against Lithuania in the first window of the second round of the FIBA European Qualifiers. It's designed to get Saric a post up. After the elbow entry to 2, 1 and 3 set a double rip screen for 4. While this is happening, 5 sets a ball screen for 2 to occupy the defense. See More

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