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Basketball Play - Loyola Chicago - Elbow PNR

Loyola Chicago - Elbow PNR

Matt Wheeler 03/22/2018

Loyola Chicago runs this elbow action to get its 4 the ball to attack in a middle ball screen. 1 passes to 4 at the elbow then screens for 3. 3 cuts to the weak side leaving 1 as the only player on the right side of the floor, forcing his defender to provide help on 5 rolling to the basket. 4 looks to create a shot for himself, pass to 5 on the roll to the basket or hit 1 filling behind the play on the wing. If 1 gets the ball, he can look at 5 in the post or create a shot off the dribble. See More

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Basketball Play - Houston Cougars - Horns Elbow Brush ISO

Houston Cougars - Horns Elbow Brush ISO

Dave Nedbalek 03/21/2018

The University of Houston runs an incredibly effective offense. This set is designed to get a mismatch and the ball in space with shooters surrounding him. Michigan switched this defensively, which for most teams in the country a 1 to 5 or 1 to 4 ball screen would present serious mismatch problems. If defense does not switch, there is either a layup, three, or long closeout to be had. See More

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Basketball Play - Loyola Chicago - Cross Hammer

Loyola Chicago - Cross Hammer

Jordan Petersen 03/15/2018

Hammer set ran by Loyola Chicago in the first round of the 2018 NCAA Tournament. Loyola was down three with a little over a minute left in the game and ran this set to get an open look and tie the game. From the FMS Blog: Final Four Breakdown: Loyola-Chicago Ramblers: Executing on Both Ends Recipe for Success: Loyola-Chicago's Ball Screen Offense See More

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