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Basketball Play - Philadelphia 76ers - 25 Pop SLOB

Philadelphia 76ers - 25 Pop SLOB

Austin Anderson 05/04/2018

Philadelphia 76ers SLOB Action. Philly loves running regular actions out of SLOB looks. A majority of its SLOB's will start with a strong side back screen and a weak side pin to the top. In this action from there, Simmons gets them into their "Ear Tug" Series which looks a lot like "Horns". "Number-Number" tells you who is involved in the action. So for Ear Tug 25 Pop, the 2-5 are in action. Simmons comes off the 2 (Redick/Belinelli) and the 2 is flared by the 5 all the way out to the wing (Pop). Redick/Belinelli have the green light to shoot if they get open. Simmons then receives a RIP/Back screen from the 5 and clears. If the lob or dump down to Simmons is there, they will take it. Sequence ends with Embiid playing a 2-man game with Redick/Belinelli. See More

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Basketball Play - Zalgiris Kaunas - Stagger Zip Spain BLOB

Zalgiris Kaunas - Stagger Zip Spain BLOB

Sergey Tkachenko 04/28/2018

Here is a creative way Zalgiris uses Spain PNR in a baseline out of bounds situation. Play begins with a stagger into a zipper for the inbounder who catches at top of the key. Spain action ensues from here (frame 3) with 1 setting the back screen and popping, Having 3 and 4 cut through to opposite corners during this primary action offers some nice misdirection to distort the defense. Blog Breakdown: Zalgiris Kaunas - Spain PNR Series See More

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