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Basketball Play - Minnesota Timberwolves - Wedge STS Lob

Minnesota Timberwolves - Wedge STS Lob

Matt Wheeler 11/27/2017

The Minnesota Timberwolves have added this set to their playbook to get Jimmy Butler a lob after a ball reversal. The play starts with a wedge action with 2 cutting into the post off of the screen from 1. As the ball is reversed to the weak side 2 sets a back screen for 3, then sets his man up to receive a screen from 5. While this is happening 3 keeps cutting to the corner to clear basket area of defenders. Then 2 rejects the screen from 5 and cuts to the basket for the lob. See More

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Basketball Play - Zipper Series

Zipper Series

Timothy Hipps 11/13/2017

Zipper Series Breakdown Zipper = a cut off a down screen up the free throw lane line. 3 sets that involve a Zipper action as the base and finish with a different aciton: America, Slice and Flex. Zipper Series plays are great for a players who have difficulty getting open, or a point guard who is a primary scorer. This plays also works well against teams who deny off the ball. As each set begins the same way, the defense does not know which action is coming after the Zipper, making it difficult to scout and guard. See More

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Basketball Play - Detroit Pistons - Slice U

Detroit Pistons - Slice U

Jordan Petersen 11/13/2017

The Detroit Pistons ran this action against the Minnesota Timberwolves. It has a lot of different options out of it. 1 can receive a pass after the back screen. If 1 does not receive the pass then they go set the flex screen for 2. After setting the screen they receive a down screen from 4. 5 makes the read on who is open between 2 or 1. See More

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Basketball Play - Boston Celtics - DHO Swing STS

Boston Celtics - DHO Swing STS

Matt Wheeler 10/18/2017

The Boston Celtics opened the 2017-18 season with this play designed to get Kyrie Irving (1) a shot off the screen to screener action. After the dribble handoff, 1 cut to the lane to set up the back screen as the ball was swung to the weak side. x3 provided help on the back screen for 4, forcing x1 to guard the second screen by himself. 1 was able to curl around the screen and the get the open shot. See More

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Basketball Play - OKC Thunder - Pitch Get

OKC Thunder - Pitch Get

Ryan Nguyen 10/11/2017

Elbow ball screen option out of the Oklahoma City Thunder's "Pitch" series. Rather than 1 cutting to the basket then setting a flex screen, he exits to the left corner. 5 sets an elbow ball screen for 4, while 5 rolls to the basket after screen. 3 shakes behind 5's roll. See More

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