31 - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

A fun drill to use at the start or end of practice. 

  • Basketball Play - 31
  • Basketball Play - 31
  • Players line up as shown. First player in each line has ball


    When coach blows whistle they head to basket and take a choice of shots.


    3 pt shot = 3

    Inside 3 but outside paint = 2

    Layup = 1


    They get one shot attempt. If they make it they collect the points for their team.

    If they miss they must rebound and get ball to next teammate

  • This is a continuous action drill

    Our only rule is that your next pass to a teammate must be received on the same side of half court.


    In this example, 2's pass is good. 4's is illegal and they must go back to opposite side of half before attempting shot at other end.

    You could also deduct a point for the infraction.


    Drill continues until a team reaches a score of 31