Messina Drill - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

Good multi-purpose drill

  • Basketball Play - Messina Drill
  • Basketball Play - Messina Drill
  • Players line up as shown

    First player in each line at one end doesn't have a ball

    Rest of players have a ball


    1 and 2 sprint up court to a designated spot. The spot in this exampe is outside the elbow.


    When they arrive at the spot, they receive a pass from the designated line.


    On the catch they execute a crossover and layup on opposite side of rim.


    You could do any type of finishing move, pull up jump shots, etc. Be creative.

  • As soon as 1 and 2 pass the ball they sprint to the opposite end to get passes for shots.


    The shooters rebound their shots and go to back of line.


    You can also add a defender for variation.