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About This Play/Drill

Effective individual workout drill from Herb Livsey's Warrior Drills.

Each of the drills focuses on footwork and going at game speed. 

This is a very good drill for pre-season and individual workouts.

Use with 1 to 4 players. Any more and there is too much rest in each set. 

  • Basketball Play - Warrior Drills: Banana Run
  • Basketball Play - Warrior Drills: Banana Run
  • Player sprints to a designated point in the front court.

    Hits the spot with foot and sprint to the elbow.

    Receive pass for jumpshot.

    Good footwork, legs into shot as player receives the ball. Coach rebounds, shooter backpedals straight back to a spot above the three point line then sprint to receive ball for lay-up.

  • Develop the Drill for your team and players:

    Add a second shot (pull up dribble drive) before shooting layup. Once second shot is taken, player goes to the basket quick and receives pass from coach for layup.