1v1 Wolf - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

Defending the 1v0

"Wolf" - Chase the dribbler from behind

  • Sprint back. "You are never too late on defense."
  • Attempt to block the shot low with the near hand
  • Rebound - do not go past the backboard!
  • Catching the dribbler from behind to block or change a shot is momentum changing play!


  • Basketball Play - 1v1 Wolf

1v1 WOLF

Offensive player (BLUE1) starts in outlet box.


Defensive player (BLACK1) is out of bounds with ball on baseline. He/she is the "wolf"


Defense inbounds to offense and begins to chase the offensive player. Offense wants to finish with an extended layup if defense is trailing or an outside-inside stride stop if defense gets on inside hip.


Defense tries to block the shot low using the near hand. Defense avoids over-pursuing. DO NOT GO PAST THE BACKBOARD! Rebound any missed shot!


If the defense is able to catch up and get in front of the offense, it becomes 1v1 Live.


Offense and defense switch for the return trip down the opposite side of the court