3 on 3 Transition - FastModel Sports

Published 10/31/2016 by Aseem Rastogi Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Use this drill as a way to build your transition game, half-court offense spacing, and communication. Can run for a certain amount of time, or give a certain number of reps to each group of 3.

  • Basketball Play - 3 on 3 Transition
  • Basketball Play - 3 on 3 Transition
  • Basketball Play - 3 on 3 Transition
  • Basketball Play - 3 on 3 Transition
  • 4 teams of 3.


    Will have two separate groups of six going one after the other.


    Black team pushes the ball up and scores a layup 3 on 0.

  • Coach rebounds and passes to Player 1 on black team.


    Black team continues 3 on 0 back to score a layup. Middle person scores layup every time.

  • After Player 1 - BLACK scores the layup, player 1 on the blue team will get the rebound and look to push the ball up to her streaking wing players.


    2 and 3 on the BLACK team must get below the free throw line, then sprint back into transition defense to take away the layup. 1 is responsible for being the trail defender after the layup.


    If Blue does not score in transition, the teams are playing 3 on 3 until there is a score or a stop.

  • After a score or a stop, the BLACK team will take the ball and transition down 3 on 3 against the BLUE team.


    Next groups of three should be ready to go on the other end after the conclusion of Black/Blue 3 on 3.