Illini Fastbreak Game - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

Illini Break is a competitive, team transition drill. The offense has the advantage and gets to play fast. Forcing the defense to get back with a high sense of urgency. We want to always fastbreak on defense. But first, we must emphasize our offensive board coverage (OBC). Then, if we do not secure the offensive rebound, all five players must get into the habit of always sprinting back. We consider your first three steps “out of the gate” as the most important. Guarding the basket is our number one priority and then stopping the ball. Once back, all five defenders need to establish ball side and help side position. This drill demands that, and more. Get ahead of the ball! No back pedaling, buddy running (remaining side by side with your match-up) and/or pouting after a missed shot or turnover.

  • Basketball Play - Illini Fastbreak Game

Team 1 starts on offense and team 2 on defense. Play out the possession. Upon change of possession, team 2 outlets to teammates along baseline waiting to come on. Team 1 must get back on defense. At this end, play out the possession and team 1 outlets to teammates along the baseline. Emphasize offensive board coverage (OBC) and compete!