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About This Play/Drill

A good motion offense is hard to guard; all the while maintains good floor balance and spacing. This is done by cutting and replacing. Continuous blast cuts is a two line shooting drill that teaches just that. Our primary motion cut after passing off the top is toward the basket (aka basket cut). When that happens it is important to fill the open spot from the weakside with a blast cut. In doing so we like to emphasize the following:

  • 2 Step Rule - Take your defender two steps toward the basker before blasting to the top.
  • Recruit the Glute - Blast off of your baseline foot.
  • Change of Speed - We like to say go in slow and come out fast.
  • Outside Hand - Provide and pass to the outside hand away from the defense.
  • Inside Pivot - We teach the inside pivot.

On the catch, square up to the basket and look RPA (rim, post, action). This drill progresses through four phases:

  1. Catch & Shoot
  2. Shot Fake Blow-by
  3. Foot Fake Crossover
  4. Back-cut
This is a great team shooting drill to incorporate at all levels: elementary ages to professional!
  • Basketball Play - Continuous Blast-Cuts
  • Basketball Play - Continuous Blast-Cuts
  • Basketball Play - Continuous Blast-Cuts
  • Basketball Play - Continuous Blast-Cuts
  • *Continuous Blast-cuts is one of our favorite footwork shooting drills. Teaches (cut &) replace motion concept and incorporates 1) Catch & Shoot 2) Shot Fake Blow-by 3) Foot Fake Crossover and 4) Back-cut.

    *Works best with 8 players and 4 basketballs. Drill Sequence: 1) Pass First 2) Cut Second 3) Shoot Third 4) Rebound Last 5) Change Lines.

    *As a coach, we like to be where the cone is positioned to instruct and direct traffic.

  • 1 starts the drill with a fill cut. In this diagram, a v-cut (2-step rule). We emphasize going in slow and coming out fast.

    2 is in triple threat position and makes a good pass to 1 (good pass = good shot).

    1 uses an inside pivot to face up.

  • 1 will execute one of the following: 1) Catch & Shoot 2) Shot Fake Blow-by (1 dribble pull-up) 3) Foot Fake Crossover (2 dribbles, close shoulder lay-up) 4) Back-cut (lay-up).

    2 begins 2-step rule (fill cut).

  • 1 follows his shot, rebounds and takes the ball to the opposite line.

    2 fills and the sequences starts all over again.

    *Please emphasize the cutting, inside pivot and footwork (4 actions mentioned earlier).