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Basketball Play - Offensive Rebounding Concepts

Offensive Rebounding Concepts

Jordan Petersen 06/08/2017

Examining some of the recent trends in offensive rebounding concepts. The weakside flood was made famous by Illinois coach Brad Underwood. The triangle concept is a more traditional approach. The abandonment concept is a new trend that many colleges and NBA teams like the Nets, Hawks, Spurs and Warriors have implemented. See More

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Basketball Play - Rebounding Drills and Coverages

Rebounding Drills and Coverages

Rory Hamilton 08/03/2016

If a shot comes from the corner we are vulnerable on the weak side boards, so we must run our keeper to the weak side boards to help the pusher. Statistically, 7/10 will bounce weak side so we must attack the weak side boards. The clogger must spin and get to the block and box out that area. If a shot is taken from the wing, we form a triangle with our X1 Warrior going to either pinch in the post or go to weak side. We try as much as possible to form a rebounding triangle. See More

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Basketball Play - Hurdle Rebounding

Hurdle Rebounding

Bert DeSalvo 02/18/2016

This drill comes from George Hardison, Head Coach WBB at UConn Avery Point (NJCAA) which I witnessed at their practice on Feb. 16th, 2016. NOTE** If you do not have mini-hurdles you can use small cones. Also, depending on how high you want your players to jump you can use varied heights (6"/8"/12"). See More

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Basketball Play - Spanish Rebounding Drill

Spanish Rebounding Drill

Fabian McKenzie 09/03/2015

This is a good rebounding drill that works on technique but also gets competitive and emphasizes effort on the glass. You can load this drill in many different ways. You can put points in the drill. 1 point for defensive rebound and 2 points for an offensive rebound. Have one team play for 2-3 minutes on defense then switch and keep track of points You can also have the rebounders play live. If offense gets it they play at that rim, if defense gets it they can play full court 1 on 1 See More

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Basketball Play - 1v2 Rebounding

1v2 Rebounding

Drew Hanlen 12/06/2013

This is a great drill to get your players to box out on defense and crash and avoid box outs on offense. Too many rebounding drills benefit the taller players and don't truly reward players for boxing out or getting around box outs, so this drill is perfect to reward pursuit effort. See More

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Basketball Play - Extra Pass Shooting

Extra Pass Shooting

Zach Weir 02/28/2019

Extra Pass Shooting is a drill that we use to develop chemistry within our team and really encourage that extra pass and better shot. Consists of shooting, passing, ball handling and rebounding - as well as progressions of decision making and reads. Setup: - 6 minute drill (3 min left, 3 min right) - 1 min per spot - Goal is 10- 12 per minute - Ball doesn't touch the floor anymore than necessary - Passer calls shooters name and the action - 2nd passer will call for ball, and shooter will call EXTRA Playbook: Top 20 Shooting Drills of 2018 See More

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Basketball Play - Early Effort / Get Around Rebounds

Early Effort / Get Around Rebounds

Diccon Lloyd-Smeath 11/27/2018

These two drills are focused on teaching athletes to time their crash on the boards early and using swim moves to get around box outs. Use these drills in-season when you want to build habits without overloading your athletes. Drill from Ryan Pannone, assitant coach with Hapoel Jerusalem, which leads the Basketball Champions League in rebounding. Read this full feature for more! Inside the BCL - Life as an Assistant Coach with Ryan Pannone See More

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