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Basketball Play - UCLA to Ball Screen

UCLA to Ball Screen

Anonymous 04/07/2015

Here is a nice little ATO set that can be used in late game situations or when you need a basket. Starting in a 1-4 High alignment can allow for the defense to be vulerable to the back door cut. Nonetheless the ball screen actions will draw a lot of attention and allow for the three on the wing or the reversal and throw inside. See More

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Basketball Play - UCLA Post


Anonymous 05/10/2014

This set play start with the traditional UCLA action. 5 sets on ball screen for 2 as 1 cuts baseline using 3-4 double screen. On the pass, 3 curls over the top of 4 exposing the open shot. 1 feeds 4 on block for post socring opportunity. See More

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Basketball Play - UCLA Back


Anonymous 05/07/2014

Multiple cutting action sets up this back screen play for 5. Starts with wing entry and UCLA cut by 1. 3 reverses to 5 and get hand back as 2 cuts baseline using 4 screen. On 3-1 pass, 4 back screens for 5 for layu up. See More

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Basketball Play - Spurs UCLA

Spurs UCLA

Anonymous 05/05/2014

With less than a minute left in Game 6 the Spurs tied the game verse Dallas with this UCLA screen. Setting a pindown on the weakside occupied the defense. x3 jumped to the ball and stayed between the ball and his man. Manu did an excellent job of reverse pivoting and sealing Calderon and recieving a pass from Ducan. If you have a big pg or another big guard who can handle the ball and initiate the offense this is a great way to get a mismatch in the post. See More

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Basketball Play - UCLA Floppy

UCLA Floppy

Anonymous 04/04/2014

In the 1st half of their 2014 Sweet 16 matchup with Michigan, the Tennessee volunteers ran this floppy action to get a lay-up at the rim. 1 curled the stagger and was able to get into the rim on the bounce and finish for an and-1. If 1 isn’t able to curl into the lane, a third option is to feed Stokes (5) ducking in hard on the block after screening. See More

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Basketball Play - UCLA Up


Anonymous 04/03/2014

This play starts with the UCLA cut and is followed by an on ball screen from 5. 3 drives over the top of the on ball screen looking for 1 on the right baseline. 2 uses screens from 4 and 5 to curl into lane for shot. See More

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