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Basketball Play - Boston Celtics - Early Offense - Push Action

Boston Celtics - Early Offense - Push Action

Austin Anderson 05/19/2018

The Celtics possess one of the most skilled and interchangeable rosters of the NBA. This post provides several variations of Boston's Push Action. This early offense is designed to create a 2 man game on either side of the court. Rozier, Smart, Brown or Tatum can occupy any perimeter spot. Horford, Morris, Tatum, Baynes or Monroe can play the 4/5 spots. This action creates pick/roll, pick/pop, and drive/kick opportunities. FMS Blog: How the Celtics are keeping it simple with spread offense See More

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Basketball Play - Bucknell Early Offense

Bucknell Early Offense

Dana Beszczynski 03/18/2017

Bucknell is a team with players who can play multiple positions, basically going 4 out 1 in and running a hard cutting Early Offense set here. Their hard cuts force the defense to react quickly and the kick-out pass is the most dangerous option as their shooters do a good job moving in space. See More

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Basketball Play - Northwestern Early Offense

Northwestern Early Offense

Dana Beszczynski 03/18/2017

What makes Chris Collins Offensive schemes at Northwestern are the multiple screening & cutting actions in each series. The sets are designed to get action off the ball keeping the Defense occupied, forcing decisions in rotations which if to late, result in open shots. This set has all those options included and is one of the best sets I've seen thus far in the NCAA Tournament. See More

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Basketball Play - Duke Early Offense Action

Duke Early Offense Action

Dana Beszczynski 11/17/2016

Coach K is as good as it gets when it comes to set plays and putting his players in a position to best utilize their talents to score. This action they ran most of the night against Kansas with good consistency. With the trio of Guards at Coach K's disposal, the middle ball screen at the end of the set is lethal as the defense has to decide how and where to help from as you have shooters all around the perimeter and talented big men inside who can finish at the ring. The beginning of the play with the wide pin down can also lead to good reads of either flares or curls and then the backscreen sets up the possible lob action to the ring. See More

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Basketball Play - Wake Forest Early Offense

Wake Forest Early Offense

Dana Beszczynski 02/29/2016

One of the most accomplished players in the history of college basketball, Danny Manning enters his second season at the helm of the Wake Forest basketball program. With a resume that includes NCAA titles as a player and assistant coach, a conference title as a head coach and a 15-year playing career in the NBA after being the No. 1 pick in the draft, Manning's success is undeniable. It was why he was tasked to lead the Demon Deacon program in April, 2014. Check-out this Early Offense action from Coach Manning and the Demon Deacons. See More

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Basketball Play - VCU Early Offense

VCU Early Offense

Andrew Greer 03/19/2015

Early offense from the VCU Rams during 1st half action vs. Ohio State. VCU used the action successfully on 5+ occasions during the 1st half. This set has multiple options but was used by the Rams to occupy help side defenders during the ball screen action. Ohio State had issues defending this with VCU getting multiple paint touches and open 3's. Ohio State when zone partly as a result of this action. See More

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Basketball Play - Leonard Hamilton Early Offense

Leonard Hamilton Early Offense

Dana Beszczynski 01/28/2014

Leonard Hamilton has often been underappreciated for what he has accomplished during his time at Florida State. This Early Offense Set combines a number of actions to get a good shot. The Stagger action early gives their shooter a chance to get an open shot at the top of the key and the double high ball screen gives the post a chance to either get a touch inside or the misdirection leads to isolation on the weak side for the 5 Man. This is a very well designed set and the Seminoles patience to work it through shows you what can be done to execute all options. See More

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