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Basketball Play - Kansas Jayhawks - Horns 54

Kansas Jayhawks - Horns 54

Dave Nedbalek 11/09/2018

This is a great set that we have seen many NBA teams run, namely the Cleveland Cavaliers utilizing LeBron James as the screner. T he proximity to the rim and the pace with which Kansas runs it makes it even tougher for the defenders to talk their way through defending this action. I love that the Jayhawk bigs casually jog down before popping back up the lane lines quickly to start the defense out of step. On the FMS Blog: NCAA Preseason Top 25 XsOs - Teams 1-5 See More

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Basketball Play - Indiana Pacers - Quick 2 Flare Mid SLOB

Indiana Pacers - Quick 2 Flare Mid SLOB

Matt Barnthouse 10/31/2018

The mid-range game isn't exactly "en vogue" for early offense, but if you have the personnel, like the Pacers do with Victor Oladipo it isn't always a terrible option. They utilize Myles Turner's wide body to set an off ball screen and free up Oladipo for a catch and shoot opportunity against the Bulls in a preseason game on October 10th. This also can be used in a late game situation should your team need only need 2. It's quick, it's simple, and when executed well, it creates space. See More

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Basketball Play - VCU - Tranisiton Swing Blur

VCU - Tranisiton Swing Blur

null null 09/26/2018

The blur screen is an effective way to create a double gap in the defense. The pass and cut movement can create a temporary window for the basketball to attack into the heart of the defense. During the Shaka Smart years at Virginia Commenwealth, he used the blur screen as a secondary transition action. Once the ball is swung from slot to slot, the trailer then passes to the wing followed by a cut to ball side corner. This cutting action now opens a temporary double gap for the basketball to attack the elbow. See video below! Further studying: Creating with Blur Screens See More

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