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Basketball Play - Quick Rip

Quick Rip

Kyle Gilreath 05/23/2013

The Miami Heat ran this Quick Hitter last night versus the Indiana Pacers which gave them two different looks throughout the game. Norris Cole did an excellent job creating an angle towards the rim. This made the defense shift to help in the paint an opened up both looks. See More

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Basketball Play - Memphis Ball Screen-Dribble Hand Off

Memphis Ball Screen-Dribble Hand Off

Daniel Murphy 05/18/2013

Memphis opening play of the fourth quarter in their game 4 win over OKC. The way Collison played the screen and rescreen by Gasol allowed Gasol to get deep post position. Arthur doesn't feed Gasol but dribble hand offs with Bayless. Sending two defenders to Bayless on the DHO was a great move because OKC gave up a 18 ft jump shot to Arthur which is a relatively low % shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Miami DHO Pin Down

Miami DHO Pin Down

Daniel Murphy 05/17/2013

Opening play ran by the Heat in their 94-91 closeout game 5 win over the Bulls 5/16/13. With two dynamic scores handing off and a potential Haslem ball screen the Bulls defense was focused on the strong side. Having Bosh pin down for Chalmers game him space to attack the hoop in the center off the court. Altough Boozer was guarding Haslem, and Haslem was standing on a wing, Boozer was protecting the rim. If the Heat had a stretch 4 in at the time, Chalmers would have had a clear path to the rim, or a kick out to a wide open shooter. See More

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Basketball Play - Quick Loop

Quick Loop

Kyle Gilreath 05/15/2013

This is another flex-ish set that the Golden State Warriors ran last night versus the Spurs. Rather than running the traditional flex, the Warriors spread out the floor and went into a quick 3-man game to get Stephen Curry a quick 3-pointer from a hand-off late in the 3rd quarter. See More

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Basketball Play - OKC DHO-Pin Down

OKC DHO-Pin Down

Daniel Murphy 05/14/2013

OKC ran this play to open the second half of their game 2 loss to the Grizzlies. It used a dribble hand off and pin down to get an open jump shot for their best player. This play shows that it's invaluable to have a great screen setter like Perkins to free up a great shooter like Durant. See More

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Basketball Play - 13 Power

13 Power

Kyle Gilreath 05/13/2013

The Atlanta Hawks ran this play versus the Indiana Pacers in Round 1 of the 2013 NBA Playoffs. The Hawks like to utilize Josh Smith in the post and this is just one action to get him on the block. But like every great NBA coach, Atlanta has a counter in the event the defense deny's the action. In this case, 5 went into a dribble hand-off to get the ball back to 1. Additional ending after the DHO is for 5 to pin-down for 3. See More

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Basketball Play - SPAIN SIDE OB


Fabian McKenzie 05/12/2013

2 has ball on sideline 5 pins down for 1. As 1 is cutting, 4 sets a rub screen for 3 to go to rim for possible lob. 4 cuts hard to block for quick post up 2's primary target is 1 5 pops out to top of floor to receive pass from 1 As soon as 2 enters ball to 1, they speed cut as if they are coming off double screen on the baseline 1 sprints to receive dribble handoff from 5. As this is happening, 3 clears to corner and 2 uses misdirection and comes back off of staggered double by 4 and 5. 1 brings ball back to 2's side for jumper or 2 player game with 5 in the post See More

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Basketball Play - Tiger


John Leonzo 04/17/2013

Here is a play that was given to me by a high school coach from Pennsylvania. This set is great because it gives your best scorer (3 in this set) multiple options for a good shot. Hopefully you can find it to be an effective play! See More

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