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Basketball Play - Louisville Lob to Stagger

Louisville Lob to Stagger

Wes Kosel 03/29/2015

Here is a lob option used by Rick Pitino and his Louisville Cardinals. The play uses a lot of side-to-side action getting the defense to chase cutters around the floor. The play starts with all 5 players above the free-throw line. The point guard passes to 4 then cuts to the basket off of a back-screen from 5. If the quick lob isn't there, 2 cuts across the floor weaving between screens from 5 and 4. Once 2 gets the ball, he gets a staggered ball-screen from the bigs. Multiple scoring options in this play make it difficult for teams to guard. See More

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Basketball Play - Virginia Baseline Run

Virginia Baseline Run

Wes Kosel 03/21/2015

Here is a play from the Virginia Cavaliers from last season. The play was used to get Joe Harris a shot in the corner. If Virginia can't get him a shot on the initial cut to the ball-side corner, the ball is reversed sending Harris along the baseline to the opposite corner for a 3-point shot. See More

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Basketball Play - NC State Pinch Post

NC State Pinch Post

Wes Kosel 03/20/2015

NC State used this play early in the 1st half to get an open shot for Trevor Lacey. The play starts with an entry pass to the wing and a UCLA cut from 1 to the low post. Once 3 (Lacey) gets the ball at the top of the key, he has the option to pass to 1 for a shot or to pass to 4 flashing to the pinch post. If Lacey passes to 4, he loops around him at the elbow looking for a hand-off and a shot. See More

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Basketball Play - 2 High

2 High

Andrew Lacey 03/06/2015

This year we have the advantage in our Conference 3 Tournament to face some Post players that could not move very well on the perimeter. We took advantage of of our athletic Post/Stretch 4 players and put them in tough situations to constantly have to defend ball screens and play on the perimeter. Here is a nice little set that always you to also get mismatches in the scoring zones. See More

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Basketball Play - Billy Donovan Florida Gators Ball-Screen Motion (2 plays)

Billy Donovan Florida Gators Ball-Screen Motion (2 plays)

Scott Peterman 02/24/2015

Billy Donovan has coached teams to the peak of college basketball’s mountaintop. Coach Billy Donovan has reached Four Final Fours, two national championships, a perfect 18-0 conference regular season, six Southeastern Conference tournament titles and 16-straight 20-win seasons. He’s made Florida basketball a millennial powerhouse on the national level and he did it all at a football school. Now, he sits on the doorstep of yet another achievement after coaching his 499th victory Wednesday night against Vanderbilt. Coach Billy Donovan runs Ball Screen Motion Offense that moves the ball and gets shot attempts near the basket and the three point line. Coach Donovan goes for #500 wins against Missouri tonight. You should check it out. If you liked the Billy Donovan Florida Gators Offense then you should check out my website: Men's Basketball Hoop Scoop See More

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Basketball Play - Fred Hoiberg Iowa State Set Play:  2-3 High Ball-Screen #2

Fred Hoiberg Iowa State Set Play: 2-3 High Ball-Screen #2

Scott Peterman 02/22/2015

Fred Hoiberg has turned Iowa State into a fast-paced offensive machine, akin to the Warriors in the NBA. The Iowa State Cyclones offense is predicated upon fast tempo, unselfish ball movement, three-point shooting, and positional versatility., Hoiberg’s squad sits at 11th in the nation in scoring offense and 11th in field goal percentage. According to Ken Pomeroy, Iowa State plays at the 13th fastest pace in the country and ranks eighth in the nation in offensive efficiency. The efficiency stems from the infectious ball movement instilled by Hoiberg, reflected by the team’s second best assist per game average in the country. When the Cyclones click on all cylinders, they look like a team destined for a deep run in March. If you are interested in seeing more of Coach Fred Hoiberg's Offense then check out our website: Men's Basketball Hoop Scoop See More

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Basketball Play - Waggle


Greg White 02/20/2015

4 screens down for 2. 2 rejects and comes off a waggle cut off 5's screen. 3 uses the pindown screen set by 4 5 "flips" the screen to set up a baseline attack for 2. 1 gets a flare screen from 3 and 4 sets a screen for 3 in the screen the screener action See More

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Basketball Play - David Blatt Horns 1 Set Play

David Blatt Horns 1 Set Play

Scott Peterman 02/19/2015

David Blatt been around the Israeli and Euroleague basketball circuit. Including coaching for Maccabi Tel Aviv (they de bezt, alweyz de bezt) and the Russian National Team (Kirilenko, Mozgov, Shved). He coached Anthony Parker back into the NBA. Names don't exactly get the point across, but let it be known, that he has coached winning teams, almost exclusively. And thats the point of the game. From what I can gather Blatt's teams run a lot through a horns offense. Which, if you don't know, puts two guys- one on either- high post (witch's nipple), two guys in opposite corner/wings and starts with the ball handler at the top of the key. It is not a triangle offense, but it does revolve around cerebral players creating space with passing, smart cutting and good footwork. Certainly a proprietor of the Triangle has respect for this, a verySpurs-y set of offensive goals. Everybody needs touches to make this kitten purr. Everyone needs to fill the open spaces that relate to their skill set, and everyone must become a threat when they have the ball. You can check out other David Blatt Plays at Men's Basketball Hoop Scoop. See More

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Basketball Play - UIC Horns Screen-Screener

UIC Horns Screen-Screener

Kevin Bruinsma 02/11/2015

With Horns being such a popular set at all levels I thought I’d take a look at another action that UIC ran in their game at Milwaukee. They dribbled the point guard over to the wing and had him dribble off both 4 & 5 ball screens. Milwaukee tried to defend this in multiple ways which you will see in the video below. They tried to hedge it with the 5 man, and then they attempted to switch it. I thought this action was great to get your point guard off two ball screens, then get your 2 man coming off a screen the screener for a shot. See More

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