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Basketball Play - Pick and Roll Offense: "The Other 3"

Pick and Roll Offense: "The Other 3"

Safa Kamalian 09/28/2018

During the past decade, especially after the 2006 FIBA world championship, the pick and roll offense was given a newfound level of attention. The avenues with which you can go down when discussing the pick and roll are endless (angles, spacing, player development, proper defensive technique). Here are the common options which the other three players outside of the PNR action can be involved in. There are definitely more options for the “other 3” but these are the most common approaches teams use today. See More

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Basketball Play - Boston Celtics - Weave Top Iso

Boston Celtics - Weave Top Iso

Matt Wheeler 05/22/2018

The Boston Celtics ran this play to start the 3rd quarter of Game 3 against the Cleveland Cavaliers in order to to use their quickness advantage at the 4 spot and get Marcus Morris (4) an isolation opportunity against Kevin Love on the perimeter. The Celtics begin the play with a weave action to get the ball to 2 on the wing. 4 then flashes to the top to receive the pass from 4. 1 screens away for 3 in order to occupy the defense and allow 4 to attack his defender one on one. See More

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