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Basketball Play - Zero


Randy Sherman 06/23/2015

In this box set, 5 screens for every other player on the team! Teaching points: 5's arc screen and 3's downscreen occur at same time We are wanting the curl from 4! 1 waits behind the opposite corner of the backboard 3 fakes the pin screen and reverses out off 5's downscreen Play sets up to get into the offense without "setting it up" See More

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Basketball Play - Odd


Randy Sherman 06/23/2015

BLOB out of a box set Teaching points: 5 must get wide to set arc screen for 2 3 must time their cut with the entry. Don't cut too soon! 4 sets pin screen for inbounder then looks to bury their man and posts up Team is set to run offense on "set it up" needed. See More

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Basketball Play - EOG/EOQ Need 3

EOG/EOQ Need 3

Brandon Mullis 05/10/2015

This is a last second play that can also be used at the end of quarters in high school. One of our opponents ran this BLOB to perfection against us a couple seasons ago. We did not defend the action very well and gave up the open shot in the corner to lose by one point. See More

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