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Basketball Play - Up Hand-Off

Up Hand-Off

Kyle Gilreath 03/13/2014

If you are in need of a three point play with the ball out of bounds, this is a great action to run for your shooter. 2 must do a great job selling the play by setting up his man before sprinting off the baseline screens. If the defense scrambles and overhelps on 2, look opposite as 1 may get open at the end. See More

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Basketball Play - Up Weakside

Up Weakside

Kyle Gilreath 03/13/2014

This play has multiple scoring options from beginning to end. As 2 comes off the hand-off he can look to score or feed 5 ducking in hard in the middle of the lane. The other two options are 1 coming off the pin-down and 3 slipping to the rim after screening for 1. 4 is also a possible throwback option for a shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Flat Flex

Flat Flex

Kyle Gilreath 03/01/2014

Kevin Stallings' Commodores ran this BLOB action during their Super Tuesday match-up with the Florida Gators this week. Vanderbilt's 4-man did and excellent job finding X3 and setting a great screen to free up 3 for an open lay-up. See More

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Basketball Play - Strong


Andrew Lacey 02/11/2014

Here is an out of bounds play we use late in the game, when a team is playing us M-2-M under. It allows us to create mismatches on teams that will swtich the screening action or we will hit the flex cut for a score. See More

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