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Basketball Play - Canada - Force Curl STS BLOB

Canada - Force Curl STS BLOB

Diccon Lloyd-Smeath 08/04/2018

Effective and simple BLOB play by Canada Coach Jay Triano. Use this play with players of all ages if you have a shooter that can release quickly. This play works off the basis that by force-curling the first screen, your shooter effectively uses the cutter's defender as a second moving screen, and because the offense is cutting to the basket, the inbounder's defender must shade basket side - leaving the passing lane open. More from Diccon: The Evolution of Spain PNR in International Basketball See More

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Basketball Play - Cleveland Cavaliers - Floppy BLOB

Cleveland Cavaliers - Floppy BLOB

KJ Smith 05/14/2018

The inbounding version of the popular half court Floppy set involves simple screening action at the elbow. The shooters are free to sprint out for jumpshots, curl to the rim or even backdoor cut straight to the basket. The key to this set is that no matter what the guards decide to do as far as cutting, all four of these spots are filled once the play has finished. See More

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