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Published 04/30/2021 by Dymetrius Ware Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Former Celtic's Coach Rick Pitino ran this box set BLOB for a PG to get a 2 or 3pt shot.

Check out the video below to see Coach Ware discuss this play and more from his NBA XsOs Vault series!

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  • Basketball Play - Boston Celtics - Triple Stagger BLOB
  • Basketball Play - Boston Celtics - Triple Stagger BLOB
  • Both bigs will be on the ball side of the floor. The 5 on the block and the 4 on the elbow. 5 pops out to the corner, for the inbound pass from the 3. On the pass to 5, 4 will set a diagonal down screen for 2, who cut to the top of the key. 5 will make a direct pass to 2.

  • The triple stagger begins when the 3 stepping in to set the first screen for 1, who runs the baseline, also cutting off 4 and the 5 . The 2 guard make a clear direct pass to the 1 for a jump shot.