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About This Play/Drill

I started thinking about this offense this summer and really like the options and flow it has. I have run dribble drive in the past. Our program currently uses the Read & React so I took the spacing, Layer 1 and added some ball screen options and a little confusion for the defense. 

The offense gives you the spacing to attack the basket, while incorporating ball screens that force your opponents to find the best way to defend the ball screen. I've attached a breakdown drill we will use and will post more later.

If this offense is something you think might help your team, please contact me at coachwhite@3fromthecorner.com




  • Basketball Play - 3FTC Pick and Pick Offense
  • Basketball Play - 3FTC Pick and Pick Offense
  • Basketball Play - 3FTC Pick and Pick Offense
  • Basketball Play - 3FTC Pick and Pick Offense
  • Players are in a 5 out set. Pass can go to either side. After the pass the guard basket cuts (Layer 1 R&R) and exits out to opposite corner

  • On the Catch, 3 sprints to set a ball screen. He has to sprint! This creates so much of the offense and has to be a teaching point.

    5 replaces 3

  • here is the double pick part of the offense and 3 screens on the ball he down screens 4 before rolling to the basket.


    2 attacks the lane looking to score. You can choose different actions on the backside. Here is the flare screen option.


    5 comes toward the ball, then receives a flare screen from 1. Since this is a "Little on Big" screen, 5 will tight curl to the rim.


  • This offense gets you the ball on the elbow with 4 possible options.

    Elbow Jumpshot

    Pass to either block

    kickout to either wing

    Restart the continuity

    If 2 retreat dribbles, 5 and 3 would pop to corners