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About This Play/Drill

The San Antonio Spurs have ran this quick hitter for years.  Tim Duncan typcially goes to set the wing ball screen and rolls to the rim.  Manu Ginobili or Tony Parker come off the double stagger for the shot.

  • Basketball Play - Spurs "Fire"
  • Basketball Play - Spurs "Fire"
  • Box set. 1 passes to either 2 or 3 on the wing, getting open from the down screens from 4 and 5. 1 then UCLA cuts (off the post's screen) to the ball-side block.


    1st Option: 3 passes to 1 for the lay-up off the UCLA cut.

  • Immediately after setting the UCLA screen for 1, 5 comes to set a wing ball screen for 3. Unless 5 is a designated shooter, 5 will roll to the rim after screening for 3.


    2nd Option: 3 penetrates into the paint and makes a play.


    3rd Option: 3 passes to 5 rolling to the rim after ball screening for 3 on the wing.


    4th Option: 3 passes to 1 for the shot, coming off the double staggered pin down (down screens) by 4 and 2.


    After down screening, 2 will cut back out to the wing.