54 Slice (SBS) - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

"54 Slice" features a slice cut by 4. 

SLICE = involves two off-ball players and their interseciting paths to create an advantage. In Frame 1 below, 5 flashes and 4 times their cut right off the rear end of 5 in hopes of "rubbing" their man off of 5 and getting open for the 1st option. If that is not available, the action flows into spread ball screen.

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  • Basketball Play - 54 Slice (SBS)
  • Basketball Play - 54 Slice (SBS)
  • 1 dribble pushes 2 to far corner

    5 sprints toward elbow

    SLICE = 4 times his/her cut to rub X4 off of 5


    1st option = enter to 4 on dead run

  • If 4 does not get pass, continue to corner and into back action


    5 continues out into ball screen for 1