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About This Play/Drill

The Kentucky Wildcats ran this half-court set during the 2012 Men's Final Four. Coach Calipari does a great job with this action occupying the weak side defense with a double (stagger) action. 2 had the option of using the pick & roll (with Anthony Davis rolling), or he could turn down the screen because X1 and X4 consumed with the weak side action.

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  • Basketball Play - "5 Flash"
  • Basketball Play - "5 Flash"
  • 5 pins down for 2, 1 passes to 2. 5 UCLA's 1 to the rim.

  • 5 turns and sets side pick & roll for 2 as 1 is coming off a double screen from 4 & 3.


    2 has option to turn down since helpside is cleared out.