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About This Play/Drill

Here is a great drill that can be used to work on a players individual offensive skills. This drill can be done as part of an individual workout or can be done with an entire team. This drill gives you the opportunity to work on finishing around the basket, one on one moves, and jump shooting as well. This is a great drill to get lots of reps in a quick time! 

  • Basketball Play - NBA Warmup

Coaches are the passers, where the dots are. Players line up behind the wing in a single file line. The player will sprint to the 3pt line, and then execute the following series of moves:

1. Rip and go lay-up

2. Change of direction and lay-up

3. Rip and go jump-shot

4. Change of direction jump-shot

5. 1 dribble step-back jumper

6. 3 pointer

This series of moves is to be executed twice at each wing, once going to the open side and another time going to the middle.