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About This Play/Drill

The Cleveland Cavs ran this play late in the 1st quarter of their playoff opener against the Indiana Pacers.  On the previous possession Cleveland ran the same action except 5 followed 4 for a stagger screen for 3.  This time 5 rolled to the basket for the lob catching the defense off guard.  x4 and x3 were focused on guarding the pindown action for a shooter (3).  x2 can't provide help because he has to guard against the corner 3.  When x5 had to help on the ball screen 5 cut to the rim and was wide open for the lob.

  • Basketball Play - Cleveland Cavs - PNR Pindown Lob

4 cuts to set a pindown screen for 3.

1 dribbles off the ball screen from 5.

1 passes to 5 for a lob.