12 Minute Shooting - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

A great way to get position groups/small groups plenty of game speed reps in practice. We use this every day during our 25 minute skill work split.

  • Basketball Play - 12 Minute Shooting
  • Basketball Play - 12 Minute Shooting
  • Basketball Play - 12 Minute Shooting
  • Basketball Play - 12 Minute Shooting
  • Basketball Play - 12 Minute Shooting
  • Tempo: 3 (240 Shots in 12 minutes), or 2 (360 shots in 12 minutes). Adjust based on your team's skill level and conditioning.


    Locations: 2, 5, 10, 15, 18

    Balls per location: If tempo is 3, 48 per location. If tempo is 2, 72 balls per location.


    Use this drill with a group of 4-6 players at a time.


    Two lines, one in the corner, one at the wing. Players always shoot the first ball from their range.


    Second ball comes from the dish, and the receiver chooses a way to drive. They must communicate with their teammate and the wing player must fill appropriately. They then receive a shot.


    The wing player must fill all the way over in order to not get hit by the next basketball. This teaches our players to fill completely rather than shorting it.

  • After 2 minutes and 24 seconds, the Dish will rotate to the wing. The corner line should sprint to the wing, while the wing line should sprint to the top of the key.


    The drill continues with players filling the space, communicating, and shooting game-like shots.

  • The drill continues from the top and the wing. Ensure emphasis on players filling all the way behind the ballhandler for the safety valve shot.


  • Lines stay the same as the previous frame, but the passes are now coming to the wing. Action continues.


    Pre-programming the Dish allows the coaches to focus on footwork, fundamentals, and teaching. Further, if there are other groups throughout the gym, coaches can devote attention to skill development while players are held accountable to going game speed on the dish.

  • Final location is the opposite corner from the starting point. For this, we are working the baseline drift, or hammer action. One line should go to the corner, the other to the opposite wing.


    Corner receiver should shoot the first one, then drive the second one baseline for the pass across and the shot.


    Can add closeouts to any of these shots to make it even more game like.